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Managed SAN Storage

Solve IT management challenges with adaptive capabilities

In an increasingly data-intensive environment, storage optimization can be complex. Leverage managed storage services to enhance your ability to adapt to IT management challenges. you can get the right storage now and have the right alternatives down the road. No matter how you grow and evolve, we'll make sure that you always have the right solution for your budget, capacity and performance needs. Managed Storage solutions dramatically improve your ability to address critical issues, such as corporate governance and continuity, under tight financial constraints. We provide anadaptive solution that allows you to focus on your business while reducing total costs.

Shared SAN

Our Shared SAN is a cost effective, fast and highly scalable, secure storage to meet your growing storage needs.  This storage is ideal for expanding your managed cloud storage as your application grow, as well as any virtualized server or database server where high availability, uptime and redundancy are required.

Dedicated Managed SAN

Your private cloud hosting package, managed servers or colocation into a managed SAN that is fully dedicated to your servers, databases and applications.  We provide fully managed SANs configured and connected to your hardware servers to meet a broad range of capacity and performance requirements.

Industry-Leading Standards

Our managed storage solution offers reliable data storage and protection to simplify challenges associated with data storage management. We provide a secure business solution aimed at reducing costs and data access time. We protect your information, connected to our global network.

Key Benefits
-Ensure business continuity for mission-critical applications with continuous data availability
-Enjoy a secure, world-class infrastructure and network
-Streamline recovery processes
-Upgrade capacity without service disruptions
-Adhere to your global compliance requirements for data storage
-Leverage on-demand model for a flexible solution
-Reduce capital and operating expenses
-Deploy from multiple global data center locations
-Count on industry-leading processes and standards
-Contact certified customer support professionals 24X7
-Maintain control and visibility of your data through online analysis and reporting

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