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Managed Database Services

Managed Database Services®

Fully Managed Database Solutions Available*

IHSystem offers a robust set of Managed Database Hosting Services for MySQL and Microsoft SQL. Our professional Database Administrators (DBA) are available to install, configure, monitor and maintain your database server and keep it running at peak performance. From small, one-server databases, to clustered and replicated, high-availability databases*,  DBAs are capable of designing and maintaining a configuration that is right for your business.

Managed Database Services Available:

  • Managed Microsoft SQL Clustering
  • Installation and Configuration
  • Monitoring and Proactive Response
  • Database optimization consulting
  • Database Backup Management and Restoration Available*
  • Database Clustering Solutions Available*
  • Flexible licensing to accommodate any need

Buy It Now Dedicated SQL Cluster Servers

Included Features:

  • Flexible Licensing Available
  • Feature-rich Database Services
  • Highly Scalable Architecture

Included Features:

  • Most Popular Open Source Database
  • Extremely Reliable
  • Capable of All Sizes of Databases

By Now Managed Dedicated MySQL


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