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Google Apps vs IH Systems Cloud Servers

 IH System Virtual Office vs Google Apps.

Virtual Office environment offered by IHSYSTEM vs Google Apps.

Google Apps or Microsoft Office365 provides limited solution for any organization where as offering by Ihsystem for your virtual office has many benefits compare to Google Apps or Office365.

IHSystem virtual desktop solution offers all products on Cloud servers which Microsoft offers like Exchange, Sharepoint, Lync server and Office 2013 or office 2010, but Microsoft or Google apps ends pretty much at this point they will not integrate or support with other softwares or vendors and limit your corporate needs.

IHSystems Virtual Desktop & Virtual Office Solution Offer:

a.) Exchange Email Database
b.) SharePoint Server
c.) Lync Server connection
d.) Microsoft Office on Web.
e.) CRM Software for example vTiger, Sugar CRM, SAP or Oracle many more
f.) ERP Solution for Example MISys, SysPro, SAP, Oracle or ERP Lite and many more
g.) Quickbooks by Intuit
h.) Other Accounting & Billing Packages
i.) Zimbra Email server instead of Microsoft Exchange
j.) Open Meeting
k.) Thin Client (centralized and cloud apps)
l.) EMR / EHR Solution for Healthcare providers
m.) Custom Applications
n.) And many more as per your business requirements.

IH System offers a complete Cloud Based Solution compare to Office365 or Google Apps - Before you start or select Office365 or Google Apps, we will suggest to compare IHSYSTEM Complete Cloud Office solution which will not limit to only specified applications.

IH System engineers will work with you to implement your office in cloud with all softwares requires. Do not get behind and find out after moving to Google Apps or Office365 either you have little no more growth options and start looking for other solutions after spending time & money.

Are you already planning or moving towards Cloud Services, you should start planning right with right partners, IHSystem cloud offering is scalable and integrate with other software’s and application provider. Deploying your cloud strategy with Microsoft or Google Apps there is a big disadvantage you cannot scale to any products or software requires to run your business which is not one of their products and this will limit your “to Cloud Strategy” you growth is restricted if you have database server like MySQL, MSSQL or Oracle or you want to implement third party CRM or ERP solution or QuickBooks software or you are a healthcare provider and wants to implement EMR solution.

One of the products by IH System is a complete cloud strategy with thin client and hybrid solution. our mission is to expand the cost savings of an enterprise to fully utilize a centralized or cloud environment. That means reducing TCO, implementing robust disaster recovery, supporting enterprise expansion, and seamless application deployment.

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