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SaaS Application Hosting

SaaS is described as software applications deployed as a hosted service and accessed over the Internet via a standard web browser. This can include basic IIS or Apache software, but typically Software as a Service means delivering business applications, including collaboration software and line-of-business applications, to companies that require them to run their business.

Customers are afforded a flexible, low-cost, no-hassle model so they can concentrate on running their core business rather than spending capital to purchase applications and time/resources on software patches and updates.

We can provide a secure, cost-effective and reliable hosting environment, and the customised 24/7 support services you need to deliver your software as a service. All delivered through our state-of-the-art IHSystem hosting facility and backed by Service Level Guarantees and accreditations.
Our SaaS platform scales as your business grows and we can specifically tailor for software companies looking to offer alternative deployment or licensing options to their customers.
1)  Implement your software faster with a lower total cost of ownership.
2)  Reduce customer support costs and increase customer satisfaction.
3) Increase your market and implement a more consistent recurring revenue model
4) Rest assured your systems are powerful, scalable, secure, flexible and cost-effective
5.) SLA and scalability as needed basis1111111111111


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