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Virtual Microsoft Desktop

Windows Desktops-as-a-Service is the next wave and IHSYSTEM.COM is in perfect partner for you to provide a complete test environment setup for an End-2-End solution from thin clients to VDI.


  • User save data in a centralized location
  • Share documents and work products
  • Ability to deliver the right apps for each department
  • One central location for Software like Microsoft Office, Quickbooks, EMR, ERP and more 
  • Easy to roll-out new version. For example migrating from office 2007 to office 2010 one place to install for all users
  • User's management adding, removing or changing user's access
  • Simple one click to assign new application to user for example provide particular user or a group Microsoft access just one click...
  • Remove user and archive's users data
  • Regular backup of users' data 
  • Single place to install Virus protection program
  •   Access anywhere from virtually any device
  • Implement in your office or outsource to our secure data center or in hybrid
  • Business continuity and security
  • No confidential company data stored on devices or Laptop in case of loss or theft.

Virtual Desktops

On-site support includes email, phone, VoIP, Spam, virus, data recovery, server management and more...


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