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Managed EMR/EHR Services


We deliver a suite of professional services that range from the basic installation and maintenance services to value added services that enable you to easily migrate your existing and on-going paper-based medical records to EMR  and Managed Services which will permit you to focus on your business of serving patients and not burden you with EMR infrastructure and data management.
Our Services include:

  • Installation and training
  • Maintenance
  • Data backup
  • Report generation
  • Data access for auditing
  • Customization Managed and Hosting Services
  • Billing service to monitor and trouble shoot issues with the claims as required

It empowers clinic’s staff to customize patient forms, templates to automate diagnosis notes, reports and codes to generate billing invoices based on E/M and CPT codes. The design and layout of the software interface is highly intuitive and mimics the paper-based practice that doctors and clinic staff are used to, so that learning curve to adopt EMR is minimal without disruption to the existing practice flow.
Why IHSystem

  • Low infrastructure costs
  • Doctors own the data
  • Multiple data entry options
  • Customizable charts
  • We fit to your needs
  • Managed services
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