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Remote & Onsite Server, desktop and network management.

Every business has its own unique structure and operating style; every business needs information technologies. Together, your business and IHSYSTEMS can find "Solutions"  for your IT needs. During our Evaluation our team analyzes your business and evaluates the technology required for your business functions. Together, we determine the services that best suit your business. IHSYSTEMS offers comprehensive range of "Service Plans" to suit your business’unique needs and budget. Below are a few examples of the many services IHSYSTEMS provides:

  • IT Asset Management & Assessment Services(Compliance Services HIPPA, SoC, SAS, PCI)
  • Hardware & software upgrades, repairs, and new installations
  • Network Management upgrades, repairs, and new installations virtualization Services
  • IT Budget & Business Advisory Services
  • Data backup and Recovery Services
  • Desktop and workstation support and integration
  • Web enabled Application development
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