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IHSYSTEM Complex & Managed Solution

Complex Managed Hosting and Solutions

IHSYSTEM.COM provides complete managed solution for your online business - If you have a need for 1Meg or 100Meg or gig connectivity and requires a managed server load balance solution for your websites, clustered database and redundant connectivity,

IHSYSTEM is one of the best & knowledgeable hosting providers in Chicago area. We have been providing custom solution for our clients since 2001. Though in hosting many things has changed but there are always a variance in requirements whether its traffic, database, HIPPA, SoB, SAS certification or PCI compliance requirements we are always here to provide best solution for your needs said Vinay Nayak Director Technology.

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Hosted Solutions

Managed CRM $ 150.00 / month

ERP Solution $ 290.00 / month

Microsoft Exchange 2010  $ 6.00 /month / user

Microsoft Exchange 2010 & Sharepoint $ 8.00 /month / user

Microsoft Exchange 2010, Sharepoint & Lync $ 12.00 /month / user

Hosted Virtual Windows Desktop $ 12.00 /month


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