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Advantage of Virtual Windows Desktop


  • User save data in a centralized location
  • Share documents and work products
  • Ability to deliver the right apps for each department
  • One central location for Software like Microsoft Office, Quickbooks, EMR, ERP and more 
  • Easy to roll-out new version. For example migrating from office 2007 to office 2010 one place to install for all users
  • User's management adding, removing or changing user's access
  • Simple one click to assign new application to user for example provide particular user or a group Microsoft access just one click...
  • Remove user and archive's users data

IHSYSTEM Cloud Desktop Infrastructure solutions are designed to help clients get ahead of the rising trend toward employees bringing their own electronic devices to work.  It allows organizations to manage desktops centrally while small or large numbers of users can access desk top applications from any location or device, including personal computers, tablets, smart phones, laptops and thin clients.  The solutions were created to help clients escape the constraints of physical computing -- simplifying desktop management, tightening security, and enhancing overall employee productivity.

The IHSYSTEM offerings support the widest range of industry hardware, software and virtualization platforms across various industries, including health care, education, financial services and retail, as well as the public sector, local, state and federal government agencies.

Said Technology Director Vinay Nayak, "The IHSYSTEM virtual desktop solution with Windows 8, ESX and HP & Dell hardware platform allows us to lower desktop management costs, while improving data security and disaster recovery.  VDI improves the productivity of employees and administrative staff, as well as lab users by providing instant access to the latest operating systems and applications anytime and anywhere, pretty much any choice of electronic devices."


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